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Elden Ring

The Golden Order has been shattered. Arise, Lightless, and let grace guide you to the conquest of the Ancestral Ring, whose power will make you lord of the Interregnum. In the Interregnum ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal, the Ancestral Ring, source of the Mother Tree, has been shattered. Marika’s descendants, progeny of demigods, claimed the fragments of the Ancestral Ring, known as the greater runes. The madness derived from their new strength gave rise to a conflict: the Disruption. A war that led to the abandonment of the Higher Will. And now the guidance of grace will descend upon the Lightless, who have been denied the grace of gold and have been exiled from the Interregnum. Lifeless yet living, having lost your grace long ago, follow the path to the Interregnum beyond the misty sea to appear before the Ancestral Ring. And become the ancestral lord.

A new fantasy universe

Travel to discover the Interregno, a new fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, designer of the acclaimed DARK SOULS series, in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, author of the Chronicles of Ice and Fire, the literary fantasy saga that has dominated sales charts around the world. Unravel the mysteries behind the power of the Ancestral Ring. Meet adversaries with fascinating histories and personalities, each with different motivations to hinder or aid you on your journey through a world populated by terrible creatures.

Explore the lands of the Interregnum

In ELDEN RING you’ll move seamlessly between vast expanses and cramped underground mazes. Travel through breathtaking scenery on foot or in the saddle, alone or with other players, visiting airy grasslands, unhealthy swamps, impassable mountains and ghostly castles, to name just a few of the locations that make up FromSoftware’s most impressive work yet.

Unique game mechanics

Create a hero from scratch and define his or her fighting style by choosing from a rich arsenal of weapons, spells and abilities that can be gained in the game world. Attack head-on, sneak up on enemies, or enlist the help of your allies. The options are endless, giving you maximum freedom in your approach to exploration and combat.

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