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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months – GLOBAL

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✓ Always play with your profile !
Maximum security
No shared accounts
Delivery by email in up to 6hours
✓ Can only be activated with expiring/expired Utimate subscription.


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Renew your subscription without changing your profile!

You will receive 3 Months Game Pass Ultimate.

To renew the subscription on your personal profile, simply add credentials on your console or PC.

You will not receive a shared account.

You will receive credentials created solely for you. We will set your number as a contact/recovery method so that only you can change them at any time to ensure maximum security.

Once added on your console you will notice that your personal profile will return to have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate permissions again then play online and download games from the various Game Pass, Live Gold and EA Play catalogs.

It works on 2 consoles at the same time, you can easily switch then share the subscription with a friend / family.

For more details please contact us at +39 388 868 0074.

The credentials will be 100% yours once delivered we no longer have access to them and you can do whatever you want.


Sharing subscription on 2 xboxes:

On one of the 2 consoles you will have to set the credentials you will receive as quick access, and each time you turn on the xbox you will have to manually log in to your personal profile with which you want to play (time required to perform this action about 3 seconds each time you turn it on)


If you are strictly looking for a key and not an alternative method to save visit

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 Months Key


Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Cheap and Secure with Rame Digital

If you have decided to purchase Game Pass Ultimate, you can purchase the entire subscription on Rame Digital at advantageous conditions. Buyers benefit from the quality of service tested and enjoy an extremely simple and uncomplicated purchasing process. The desired subscription is not sent to the customer in bulky as a CD / DVD, consequently but only as an Account by mail. Therefore, the customer receives his goods immediately after the purchase and receipt of the money. To learn more, read:  terms and conditions and privacy/policy  or  FAQ

With Rame Digital, on the other hand, assistance is always free.

Whatever device you use, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

  • Windows 10 (DO NOT CHANGE PROFILE, EA Play will not work on your profile. )
    Works on all Xboxes (DO NOT CHANGE PROFILE)

Fast delivery, maximum 6 hours by email.

An account will be provided that will have the same function as the key. The activation procedure will be provided by e-mail.

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